One Off Cleaning

Affordable One Off Cleaning from Canary Cleaners

Get trained, hardworking domestic cleaners whenever you need them, with the one off cleaning service from Canary Cleaners. There’s no contract or paperwork to worry about, yet quality and security are assured.

Book One Off Cleaners By the Hour

  • One off cleaners are available seven days a week
  • Weekend appointments are also available
  • You pay by the hour, minimum booking period is just three hours
  • Choose a single cleaner for light work, a team when you need to get more done
  • All cleaners are vetted, trained, and work within a quality control supervision framework

Getting Best Value from Your Cleaning Appointment

This service is designed for maximum flexibility, so it’ll be up to you to say what you’d like the focus of your session to be. Some popular choices include

Spring cleaning – the kind of chores that don’t get incorporated into your daily or weekly housework schedule. Examples might include moving appliances to clean behind them, or cleaning spare bedrooms.

A catch-up clean-up – when you’ve fallen behind on the washing up or laundry, or need the whole house vacuumed, dusted, and polished.

Deep cleaning – of one, two, or more rooms in your home.

A checklist will be prepared based on your stated priorities when you book. If anything’s changed by the time of your appointment you can add to or amend your list on the day.

Your cleaner will start with the jobs you’ve identified as most important and do their best to get through the whole list in the time available.

Booking One Off Cleaning

Just call us, 24/7 on 020 3746 3063. The customer adviser you speak to will give you an immediate quote based on our hourly rates and confirm your chosen appointment time. There’s nothing to pay until your service is complete.