After Builders Cleaning

Canary Cleaners – Experts in After Builders Cleaning

Get rid of the dust and rubble, and put a polish on your completed construction project. The Canary Cleaners after builders cleaning service is specifically tailored to deal with the special challenges left behind when your work crew leaves.

Post Construction Cleaning Packages

  • Services are charged by the hour, simply book the time needed for the job
  • Your quote includes labour, equipment use, and detergents
  • Services can be booked seven days a week
  • Same-day appointments are often possible
  • Book post construction cleaning as a builder, landlord, letting agent, or domestic customer

What’s Different and Post Builders Cleaning

The nature of the building process means that post building clean up poses specific issues that don’t arise with everyday housework. Things like:

  • Rubble that’s too heavy for ordinary rubbish bags
  • Fine plaster dust that a domestic vacuum cleaner won’t cope with
  • Spilled paint or varnish
  • Paint or plaster left behind on window glass or frames
  • Debris ground into carpets
  • Dust in drawers or cupboards, or coating every surface and fixture

Your team arrives with an industrial strength vacuum cleaner fitted with super-fine filters, heavy-weight rubbish disposal sacks, specialist solvents to lift paint, and a full range of standard cleaning tools and products for general cleaning.

Your cleaners also arrive armed with the professional know-how necessary to restore your property to usable condition in the most time and cost-efficient manner possible.

Get a Quote for After Builders Cleaning 24/7

Our support line is staffed round the clock, so call Canary Cleaners on 020 3746 3063 night or day.

Your customer adviser will have a few questions about the property and the nature of the construction that’s been completed. These will help you decide exactly what’s to be included in your service. Once the details are confirmed, you’ll get a quote.